Eris Automotive Tools and Equipment

Eris Automotive Tools and Equipment. Our selection of automotive hand tools is absolutely fantastic and is sure to include the tools that you are looking for to make the job easier and get the job done right. Our selection of hand tools are of high quality and are great for the getting the job done correctly. From hand tool master sets, to locking pliers, to stud removers, to marking and engraving tools, and everything in between we have a fantastic selection of automotive hand tools that is sure to meet any automotive job requirement.

We are an authorized dealer of OTC Tools, Dewalt Tools, AutoXray Diagnostic Tools, 3M Automotive Tools, and many, many more. If you are searching for any automotive tool or specialized piece of automotive equipment and we do not have it on our website, then please email us and we will very likely be able to special order the tool for you.

Eris Automotive Tools and Equipment

Our website is easy to navigate. You can browse our several categories or search for a specific tool using our website search functionality to find professional-grade automotive tools and equipment. Our website is available all day every day. It is equipped with industry leading encryption to ensure a secure connection and privacy of information when ordering.

We pride ourselves on customer service. As a result, we have large number of regular customers that keep coming back for more automotive tools. Our customer service telephone line is open Monday thru Friday from 9 to 5 Eastern Standard Time. As part of our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, we welcome our customers to provide comments regarding our selection of discount price automotive tools and equipment as well as our customer service.

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Batik Tulungagung dan Penjelasannya

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Batik Tulungagung. Sebagian orang mengenal Tulungagung sebagai kota penghasil marmer. Namun di Tulungagung juga terdapat sentra pembuatan batik yang tersebar di beberapa desa. Kota yang berada di Jawa Timur ini memiliki desa wisata batik, diantaranya Desa Sembung dan Desa Majan. Banyak wisatawan yang datang untuk belajar membatik, mengetahui sejarah batik dan juga belanja batik khas Tulungagung. Continue reading “Batik Tulungagung dan Penjelasannya”